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  • Spiky Edge is a hard holding styling product that is easy to blend and apply, helping you to style up hair ends and tame frizzes, creating defined styles easily 80 gram

  • Wild Shake sets hard, yet blends and applies easily, creating long-lasting silhouettes with defined hair ends and movement 80 gram

  • Air Rise creates styles that are bouncy and airy, easily change the hair flow direction or hair bunches for for different looks 80 gram

  • Cool Wet creates a naturally glossy, wet look style that holds for a long time. Its lightweight and non-sticky texture allows strong styling 80 gram

  • Grunge Mat creates styles that are naturally dry and rugged, and keeps all day long. It's non-sticky and easy to blend and apply 80 gram

  • Multi Form wax creates the contrast of both neatness and movement to achieve a more reserved and natural look while still producing the movement you desire 80 gram

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items