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  • Create a voluminous Hirajuku style with rich expression that provides volume by making hair curly with a strong styling ability Mat & Hard 75 gram

  • Creates a rugged MOHAWK MANIA hairstyle which gives a firm raised look with extra bunding effect. Arrange the desired Hairstyle without stiffness and stickiness Ultimate & Shaggy 75 gram

  • Arrange your desired hairstyle without stiffness and stickiness with re-styling ability. Gatsby Styling Wax - Tough & Shine provides a natural shiny look to the hair. Tough & Shine 75 gram

  • Creates BRITISH WAVE hairstyle which gives natural hold and polished look with re-styling ability Loose & Flow 75 gram

  • Arrange desired hairstyle without stiffness and stickiness with strong setting power along with re-styling ability Power & Spikes 75 gram

  • Creates a MESSY SCRUNCH Hairstyle which has more texture and flow, arrange the desired Hairstyle without stiffness and stickiness Hard & Free 75 gram

  • Air Rise creates styles that are bouncy and airy, easily change the hair flow direction or hair bunches for for different looks 80 gram

  • Non-sticky, smooth, yet tough water-type pomade to create a casual yet put-together hairstyle. Easily rinsed off with water Water Gloss - Soft, with gentle setting power 100 gram also available in 300 gram

  • Spiky Edge is a hard holding styling product that is easy to blend and apply, helping you to style up hair ends and tame frizzes, creating defined styles easily 80 gram

  • Wild Shake sets hard, yet blends and applies easily, creating long-lasting silhouettes with defined hair ends and movement 80 gram

  • Grunge Mat creates styles that are naturally dry and rugged, and keeps all day long. It's non-sticky and easy to blend and apply 80 gram

  • Water-based gel for long-lasting hairstyles with glossy wet style Wet & Hard 200 ml

Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items